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Guide to Playing Bingo Games

In the world of online bingo you will generally find that there are three basic kinds of jackpots available to you which are pretty much standard across the majority of the world’s online bingo sites. These three jackpots are the basic jackpot, the coverall jackpot and finally the progressive jackpot and I will explain these a little more in the coming article.

1. Basic jackpot

The basic jackpot is the value that can be one in each separate game of bingo that occurs with the winnings being tallied up from the prize pool that has accumulated from the tickets that have been sold. This amount will of course fluctuate between site to site depending on how many players are involved but in reality the bulk of the ticket sales make up the prize fund. Of course the site must itself turnover some type of profit and this profit will come from a percentage of the prize fund which will be used to cover overheads and so on.

2. Coverall jackpot

The coverall jackpot can only be won when the player is involved within a seventy five ball game. The jackpots in the coverall game are considerably larger than those within normal games and because of this you will find there are much less of this type of game than the normal version. These games generally start with a set jackpot which decreases as the game progresses until it hits a limit that has been set for the lowest bets.

3. Progressive jackpots.

Progressive jackpots are not available on all of the internets bingo sites but if truth be told the large percent of them have decided to provide this service due to the huge amount of interest in them. The method of winning these jackpots vary from site to site but the common principles seem to remain the same in that the players are usually required to win the jackpot within a certain number of balls which is not a rare happening. The jackpot itself is in a continuous up hill climb as the proceeds from the sales in each game are added to the jackpot until somebody is lucky enough to win it.

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In this article I have attempted to give you a brief overview of the three mainstream jackpots that are available for online bingo players. I hope this has given you what you needed to understand what they are and what they are about.

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